The research program at the FMRL is focused on active control of a broad range of external and internal macro- and micro-scale shear flows with emphasis on fundamental physics of the fluid mechanics and heat transfer processes as well as achieving significant improvements in system performance.

Research projects at the FMRL have included aerodynamic flow-control using virtual aerosurface shaping, single- and two-phase heat transfer processes, novel thermal management techniques, small-scale mixing in non-reacting and reacting flows, diffusion-convection flows in biological applications, fluidic-controlled bioreactors, and most recently energy conversion. An important aspect of this research work has been the development of novel actuation technologies that have included electromechanical (piezoelectric), fluidic (synthetic jets, fluidic oscillators, aero-bleed) and chemical (combustion-based) actuators.

This diverse, multidisciplinary research program has been supported by AFOSR, ARO, DARPA, NASA, NIH, NSF and ONR. Industrial sponsors have included Boeing, Intel, Honeywell, IBM, Novartis, and United Technologies. FMRL researchers have collaborated closely with other groups within Georgia Tech (ME, AE, ECE, ChemE, BioE), and at other universities (Caltech, University of Illinois, and the University of Texas).